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The School of Agriculture and Food Sciences (SAFs) was established in 2010. In Kenya, Agriculture contributes up to 30% of the GDP. Agricultural sector employs 40% of the total population and up to 70% of people in rural areas. Our School offers solutions to the need for knowledge, skills and cutting edge agricultural technologies

The School of Agriculture and Food Sciences (SAFs) is made up of three (3) departments including the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Food Sciences and the Department of Animal Sciences. SAFs envisions itself as a centre of excellence in which highly skilled and technologically equipped graduates are produced and released to the market to help actualization of the Kenya Government’s food security objective as outlined in the big four agenda policy initiative and vision 2030 (www.vision2030.go.ke).

The guiding philosophy of SAFs and the entire University is self-reliance and self-actualization for all. In order to develop these values, students are taken through experiential learning which involves complementing class lectures with provision of a favorable environment for exploration and expression of individual talents. In SAFs, experiential learning is supported by modern laboratory facilities shared by all programmes that need them, a large demonstration farm for various types of crops, provision of a variety of on-farm livestock species including dairy and beef cattle and facilities for aquaculture (fishponds) and apiculture (beehives). Experiential learning is further enhanced using farm visits and academic field trips to various farms as well as agricultural and food oriented industries and institutions.

SAFS boasts of a vibrant academic culture designed to convert the fresh, energetic and knowledge-hungry young people who enroll in our school every year to the final highly skilled young men and women graduates who are released to the market at the end of their postgraduate, undergraduate, diploma and certificate programmes. The school has a full-time academic staff complement consisting of six (6) academic staff members who are at the level of professor or senior lecturer and 13 who are at the level of lecturer or assistant lecturer level.


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