AAB3150: AGRICULTURAL MARKETING I [45 LH]Prerequisite: BBE3100


To introduce learners to principles, concepts and practices of marketing in agriculture.


By the end of the course the learner should be able to:-

  1. State the key players in the marketing of agricultural produce
  2. Describe the principles of supply and demand and relate them to marketing in agriculture.
  3. Describe the roles of marketing institutions
  4. Analyze the  marketing environment
  5. Evaluate the 4p’s of marketing
  6. Analyze product value chains in Kenya

COURSE CONTENT              

Introduction to marketing.  Importance of marketing. Marketing philosophies. Marketing environment: internal and external environments.  Marketing mix. Demand and supply: elasticity of demand and supply of agricultural products.  Market structure: concentration, product and performance. New product development.  Marketing of agricultural products: nature of products, liberalized economy. Role of marketing boards and parastatals.  Agricultural marketing policies in Kenya.  Marketing research. New areas in agricultural food and marketing. International commodity trade.