Agriculture Department

Name: Joshua Mbaabu Thambura  

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Official Telephone contact: +254712524293


Office location: Academic Block B Room 2   (AB02)

Message from the Chairperson

Welcome to the Department of Agriculture, Meru University of Science and Technology. Department of Agriculture is one of the vibrant pioneer departments of Meru university of science and technology that act as a focal point and Centre of excellence for improved science, innovation, and technology, which aims at filling the gap in the educational system, training of human resources, professionals managers and researchers who are expected to contribute towards the envisioned poverty eradication, improved food security as well as boosting the socio-economic development in the agricultural inter-sectoral arena.

About the Department 

The department is committed to producing high quality and trained graduates in agricultural disciplines to meet the growing challenges of our dynamic world in the areas of agricultural practices as well as offering strategies to address the problems and challenges affecting humanity in the agricultural sector in real-time. This is made possible by the department utilizing the unique capacities of well-trained staff members in the fifteen (15) programs offered in the department.

The department has tailor-made a carefully thought out competency-hands-on based, science and practical oriented programs that are running from certificate to diploma, undergraduate, masters to a doctor of philosophy, that are all geared towards addressing different needs in the current agricultural dynamic set-up and that ensures our graduates acquire high-level problem-solving skills, independent thinkers and be adaptable to new situations and scenarios well equipped with the skills necessary to make them thrive in today’s fast-changing workplace and present them with a competitive edge in a range of existing and new employment opportunities.

Currently, the department enjoys the unique expertise of a specialized and highly committed team of professionals under the stewardship of two professors, one senior lecturer, five lecturers, one technologist, and three senior technicians. Apart from training and teaching, members of academic staff are also actively involved in student supervision, outreach consultancy, and research as evidenced by many research funding locally and internationally as well as publications by top science publishers.

The department has also been working out on linkages and collaborative incentives with various stakeholders, ranging from government development agencies, private sector partnerships, and community-based organizations from which the department has gained a good rapport that has enabled us a smooth ride in technology transfer and disseminating of scientific information generated within and outside the department.

To this end, the department has adopted a student-centered approach of teaching that presents a purview of opportunities to all our esteemed students by repackaging some of our programs into online learning modal system (LMS) and offering a well linked up hierarchical ladder of academic programs that are well organized for a smooth career progression from certificate level to doctorate level in one department.

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