What is Agricultural Education and Extension?

This program fosters the physical and intellectual development of highly trained agriculturalist equipped with knowledge and skills necessary for innovative ideas and practical approaches geared towards solving complex problems and making use of opportunities in both the agricultural and education sector that will be able to improve agriculture and agricultural products add value and link agricultural information and research development to industrialization.


Why Study Agricultural Education and Extension?

Agriculture is the main economic activity in Kenya and is often faced with the major challenge of the required information that links all sectors of agricultural production. The program thus incorporates basic Education, Agriculture and Extension courses to make the program graduates, agents of change in agricultural information and technologies. The B. Sc Agricultural Education and Extension will enable students to adequately specialize and use the acquired knowledge to augment the national effort of achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Vision 2030 on food security and manpower development. The education sector has expanded in the recent past creating a shortage of teachers in agriculture and. This program will also play a key role in training graduates to address this situation.


Career prospects

Agricultural Education and Extension graduates are employed by agricultural firms, extension services, research and training institutions as well as self-employment.


Why Agricultural Education and Extension at Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST)?

MUST provides a serene learning environment in the agriculture rich area of Meru, modern learning facilities, and a dedicated faculty.

 A candidate wishing to be admitted to the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education and Extension must meet the minimum entry requirements of the university.

Candidates must also satisfy the school regulations and departmental requirements for the program they wish to be admitted to in any department.

A candidate wishing to be admitted to Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education and Extension must, in addition to the above, meet the following;

  • K.C.S.E minimum mean grade of C+ (plus) with a minimum grade of C+ (plus) in Agriculture and Biology/Biological Sciences. In addition, they should have a C (plain) in each of the following subjects;
    Chemistry, Mathematics/Physics/ Geography or C (plain) in each of the following subjects: Physical Sciences, Mathematics/Geography and C (plain) in English/Kiswahili, or 3rd Group II subject, or a Group
    III subject, or any Group IV or any Group V OR; Have a Diploma in Agricultural Education and Extension or the equivalent having obtained a minimum of C (plain) at K.C.S.E and C (plain) in Agriculture and Biology/Biological Sciences and related disciplines from KNEC or its equivalent.

Duration: 8 semesters

Mode of Study: Full-time/Weekend

Campus: Main Campus (Nchiru)

Tuition fees per semester: Ksh. 45,000

 Regulations on Credit Transfer

A student registered in a similar or related program which is accredited by CUE shall be granted credit transfer in courses covering similar course content as those offered in this program except as provided in (b). To be eligible for credit transfer the student must have attained a minimum grade B in the course under consideration.

This rule shall not apply to the following units:

  1. Attachment
  2. Research methodologies
  3. Research projects
  4. Teaching practice
  5. University courses
KSCE Subject Groupings
Group I (compulsory) Group II (Science Subjects) Group III (Humanity Subjects) Group IV (Technical Subjects) Group V (humanity/Art Subjects)
Mathematics A*
Mathematics B#
General Science
History and government
Christian Religious Education
Islamic Religious Education
Hindu Religious Education
Home Science
Art and design
Building construction
Power mechanics
Drawing and design
Aviation technology
Computer studies
Kenya Sign Language
Business studies
*Mathematics A is for students who intend to pursue Science programs that require strong mathematical skills
#Mathematics B is for students who intend to pursue Arts, Humanities and Social science programs that do not require core mathematical skills


What Will I Study?


Year 1
Semester 1
 Code Course Title
BBE 3100 Introduction to Economics
AAA 3100 Introduction to Agriculture & Food Security
AAP 3102 Introduction to animal Production
UCU 3101 Development Studies and Social Ethics
SBA 3350 General Microbiology
EFN 3100 History of Education
UCU 3102 Communication Skills
SZA 3103 Invertebrate  and Vertebrate Zoology
Semester 2
SBA 3250 Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
AAA 3151 Environmental Science & Agrometeorology
SBA 3150 Plant Morphology and Anatomy
SBA 3300 Plant Taxonomy
SCS 3150 Organic Chemistry
ECT 3301 Competence Based Learning
EPS 3150 Introduction to Psychology


Year 2
Semester 1
 Code Course Title
AAB 3225 Agribusiness Accounting and Finance
AAA 3200 Principles of Crop Production
SZA 3200 Cell Biology
AAP 3207 Animal Physiology and Anatomy
EMT 3206 Technical Drawing and Survey
EPS 3200 Educational Psychology
AAA 3201 Soil Formation and Classification
CIT 3117 Introduction to Computer and Application
Semester 2
SMF 3261 Biostatistics
AAA 3251 Soil Chemistry and Biology
EPS 3201 Human growth and development
AAA 3252 Pasture and Fodder Crops
EMP 3250 Curriculum Design and Development
SBT 3250 Genetic  and Cytogenetic
ECT 3250 General Instructional Methods
EFN 3250 Sociology of Education
AAA 3255 Field Attachment


Year 3
Semester 1
 Code Course Title
AAB 3325 Agribusiness Management
AAH 3300 Horticultural Crop Production
EPS 3300 Educational Tests and Evaluation
EFN 3300 Philosophy of Education
AAA 3300 Plant Nutrition, Soil Fertility & Fertilizers
AAA 3202 Annual and Perennial Crops
ECT 3207 Agricultural Structures
AAA 3303 Research Methods
Semester 2
SZL 3353 Agricultural Entomology
AAP 3358 Animal Breeding and Nutrition
AAP 3359 Animal  Diseases and Parasites
AAA 3351 Plant Breeding
AAE 3350 Research Proposal and Seminars
EMT 3358 Agricultural Mechanization
ECT 3351 Biology Subject Methods
ECT 3354 Agriculture Subject Methods
ECT 3355 Teaching Practice


Year 4
Semester 1
 Code Course Title
AAB 3425 Agricultural Laws, Standards and Certifications
EFN 3400 Comparative Education & Contemporary Issues
AAP 3407 Apiculture and Aquaculture
AAE 3400 Rural Sociology and Development
AAP 3408 Ruminant Livestock Production
AAE 3401 Research Project  I
AAB 3426 Agricultural Marketing
AAP 3409 Non-Ruminant Livestock Production
Semester 2
AAA 3402 Crop Protection
EMP 3450 Educational Administration & leadership
AAA 3351 Soil and Water Conservation
BBS 3451 Entrepreneurship Skills
EMP 3451 Educational Planning
AAE 3451 Extension Programme Planning & Implementation
AAE 3452 Agricultural  Extension
AAE 3453 Research Project II

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