Food Microbiology Laboratory

Location: Food Science Laboratory (FSL) Complex Room 2 (FSL 2)

Food microbiology laboratory

Pathogenic microbes that cause foodborne diseases are of great concern in Food Safety. On the other hand, the food industry utilizes beneficial microorganisms in producing fermented dairy products such as yogurt, mala, and cheese, the leavening of bread,  and the production of alcoholic beverages. In the food microbiology, laboratory, students acquire practical skills in identifying unknown microorganisms and classifying them to species level; and analysis of foods, raw ingredients, and water for pathogens and spoilage organisms.

Equipment includes:

  • Class 11 biosafety cabinet
  • Autoclave
  • Manifold filtration system for organism test in water
  • Temperature regulated water bath
  • Pulsifer™ (For sterile homogenization solid food Samples )
  • Bright Field Microscopes
  • Colony counters
  • Anaerobic incubation Jar

Manifold filtration system Pulsifer