My name is lchoho W. John, a former student of Meru University of Science and Technology with a bachelors degree in Food Science and Technology. I am a Production Supervisor at Brookside Dairy Limited, the largest dairy industry in the East African Community.

lchoho W. JohnMy success story roots its source from Meru university of Science and Technology from 2015 September to 2019 November. This great Makerere equipped me with the relevant skills and competencies that has brought me success in my career. After my industrial Attachment I furnished my curriculum vitae (before graduation) and applied for a production supervision job at my current company. Lucky enough I was selected amongst the best to be a production Supervisor (before graduation still), leading a large team of not less than 150 employees per shift. All this has been possible by application of what I learned from the very competent, professional, caring and qualified Teaching staff from the School of Agriculture and Food Science.
The current world is absorbing competent, qualified, logical, good managers, problem solving, innovative, dynamic and multifaceted employees who will add value to their business.

The curriculum ventured in the food science course work has made me and other colleagues to find relevance, be absorbed in the job market and even help companies to increase their profit margin and improve their systems through the skills that we learned from this great school. This gives me confidence to always recommend someone who wants to venture his/her ACADEMIC

LIFE to Food Science and Technology.
Interest, discipline, handwork, keenness to details and practical experiences is what you need to finish well in your four years tenure with this great university. Jobs are always available awaiting the best from the best. Food science Laboratories in MUST are the best countrywide & more advanced right now. Take the challenge, join MUST School of Agriculture and Food Science and be the best.

The future is in your hands. Create life memorable by excelling well in your academic life. Be equipped practically and always think in the line of solving problems.
I wish you the best in your four years course and always remember, SUCCESS IS A ROAD ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION! God bless you.

Best regards,
lchoho W. John,