Philosophy of the Program

The Master of Science in Agricultural science aims to nurture individual to have excellent research skills and understands diverse agricultural scenarios important in policy formulation, technology development and increased productivity to build capacity in the agricultural sector and related disciplines.


Why the Master of Science in Agriculture?

Agriculture is the backbone of the Kenyan economy and among the main pillars of vision 2030 which aims at transforming Kenya into a middle-level industrialized economy. Issues on food insecurity under the current effects of climate change have increased in the recent past, posing huge challenges nationally as well as in the global arena. This program, therefore, envisages preparing learners who will be equipped with skills and competencies to cope with these challenges and who will also contribute to the local, national, and global economy.


Why the Master of Science in Agriculture at Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST)?

The University is located in Meru County that is one of the hubs of agricultural production with favorable agro-ecological conditions that supports diverse forms of agricultural production.

A candidate wishing to be admitted to the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences for the MSc in Agriculture must hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture, Horticulture, Crop Science, Plant Biotechnology, Botany, Forestry, and other related sciences.

In addition to the above, they must meet the following;

  • Hold a minimum of Second Class Honors Upper Division in the relevant bachelor’s degree.
  • Candidates holding a Second Class Honors Lower Division in the relevant bachelor’s degree will only be admitted if they have two (2) years of relevant research work experience and have one (1) publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

What Will I Study?


Year 1
Semester 1
 Code Course Title
AAA 7100 Agricultural Seminars I
AAA 7101 Advances in Plant Nutrition and Soil Management
AAA 7102 Advances in Annual and Perennial Field Crops Production
AAA 7103 Advances in Crop Propagation
AAA 7104 Rural Sociology and Development
Semester 2
AAA 7150 Agricultural Seminars II
AAA 7151 Advanced Research Methods
AAA 7152 Advanced Crop Breeding and Genetic Engineering
AAA 7153  Advances in Horticultural Crops Production
AAA 7154 Climate Smart Agriculture


Year 2
Semester 1
 Code Course Title
AAA 7200 Research and Seminars I
Semester 2
AAA 7250 Research and Seminars II
AAA 7251 Thesis and Publications*


* Thesis and Publications

Key parts of Thesis and Publications: Data organization and analysis, interpretation of results, writing a scientific research paper, publishing scientific research findings, presentation of research findings, preparation of oral presentations and posters, participation in scientific seminars and conferences, writing and compiling a thesis and document organization.

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