Food Chemistry Laboratory

Location: Food Science Laboratory (FSL) Complex Room 3 (FSL 3)

food chemistry laboratory

The food chemistry laboratory houses equipment that students/researchers use for physicochemical analysis of foods to determine nutritional quality, chemical safety, and acceptability. Students conduct routine tests such as moisture, lipids, proteins, and ash content determination in food.  Other aspects include evaluating foods for pH, specific gravity, and viscosity.

Equipment includes:

  • Karl Fischer Volumetric Titrator For Moisture Determination
  • Soxhlet extraction unit
  • Gerber Centrifuge plus milk, cream, and skim milk butyrometers
  • Kjeldahl Digestion System and Kjeldahl Distillation apparatus
  • Colour meter (Minolta™ CM-700d)
  • Rheometer (Anton PaarRheolab QC™)
  • UV-VIS spectrophotometer
  • Rotary Vacuum Evaporators

Students determining rheology of yoghurt Kjeldahl Auto Distillation apparatus